Deciding on an edge profile may not be your priority at first. But bear in mind that the edge profile is a critical element that shapes your kitchen countertop’s design. It is a small detail that contributes to the efficiency, safety, and beauty of your kitchen’s workhorse. Knowing the pros and cons of each edge profile design is undoubtedly helpful in making an informed decision that suits your style and needs. To give you an idea, here are some of the basic edge profiles

Edge Profiles

Additional fees may apply for the upgrade edges. You may need to pay extra fees on top of the fees above if you need.to go with the upgraded edge.

Mitered edge

Mitered edges are commonly used these days to create a seamless flow from a countertop slab to a waterfall surface that extends to the floor. A mitered edge can also be used to add more stone to the underside of a countertop slab creating a distinguished look through the illusion of a thicker slab.