We all shop around when we are “purchasing” a stone countertop. However, sometimes cheap isn’t always a good deal, the price cuts of a cheaper product are often hidden where customers will not know to look, or just future maintenance and repair costs. The workmanship is the time, skill, and experience put into making a stone product and completing a project, and time, skill, and experience are costly.  The workmanship is about quality, good or bad. We’ve all heard it time and time again “Cheap workmanship isn’t great and Great workmanship isn’t cheap”! the quickest way to say it “You get what you pay for”.

The photos above showed a kitchen island with waterfall edge and a vanity backsplash that were produced and installed by someone who lacked expertise and professionalism. We feel awful for this family who must choose between living with this island or spending more for a replacement.


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